Emcee Graffiti

“Have you ever had to do battle with a Kung-Fu Shark? No? Well, Emcee Graffiti has…

Born and raised in Schenectady, NY, this artist has been entrenched in Hip-Hop culture since birth. Rapping, beatboxing, singing, and producing are just a few of the many skills that this versatile MC has received accolades for. Since moving to Albany, NY in 2007, Emcee Graffiti has been featured on a multitude of albums, live performances, radio and television programs, as well as numerous newspaper and internet articles. While keeping active in community projects and events, Emcee Graffiti continuously seeks for knowledge and resources to further his own growth and assist in the growth of the Capital Region. While gaining popularity as a member of the Iron Bar Collective, Emcee Graffiti pushes his skills to connect with other like-minded individuals.

The First 518 Beatbox Battle was held in partnership with the 6th Annual BeatShot Music Festival. The critical response from the battle, which was organized and run by Emcee Graffiti, was outstanding enough to ensure an annual occurrence. Being one of the few artists that practices the craft of beatboxing and beatrhyming in upstate New York, Emcee Graffiti works to bring forth awareness of the beatbox movement and further the forward motion of Hip-Hop culture.

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